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Branding & Logo

A brand is what tells the world who you are. It’s your image and showcases your personality. Getting this right means that somebody needs to get to know you and then turn that knowledge into content and art. That’s what we do. We listen and then our artists and writers reveal the real you.

Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, well, a video is worth a million. Commercials, YouTube, and short features; we’ve done them all, from concept to post-production, and our award winning production team delivers images people remember.

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Custom Photography

Words aren’t enough anymore. You want your target audience to see who you are, not only hear about you, and our team of international photographers understands how to bring life and a feeling of movement into their stills. We deliver photos, from architectural to still life to portrait and group action, that tell your story.

Corporate Interior Design

You know what you want to do and where your company needs to go, but you have to look the part. Your corporate interior space reflects who you are. Polished, stylish, and welcoming, your commercial interior is part of your statement. Whether you have a retail, office, or restaurant space, Northgate’s experienced team can design and execute its creation to make your perfect first impression.

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Social Media Marketing

There’s no way to overestimate the influence of clicks in today’s business environment, but who has the time to do this for themselves and run a business besides? It’s true. Maintaining social media does take time, and it also takes understanding and expertise. We’ll give you social media marketing that is consistently eye-catching and delivers your message.

SEO Strategies

Today, marketing includes knowing how to not only give you a digital presence, but also to make sure your target audience sees you there. SEO is a vital part of your marketing presence and our team uses the latest in content and technique to move up your search engine visibility.

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Graphic Design

Don’t kid yourself. Graphic designers aren’t technicians; they’re artists, and they need to be. Why? Because first impressions matter. Whether it’s a business card, a sign, a flyer, a social media post, or the landing page of your website, you not only need to look good for people to take you seriously, you need to look like YOU. That’s one of the things we do best at Northgate. We bring you to the world.

Marketing Consultation

Yes, Northgate does marketing. All kinds of it, and for all kinds of companies in lots of different cultures and countries. You know what that gives us? Experience. And vision. And understanding of how people all over the world think and act, why they do what they do. We know what works. And for those who want some advice, we’ll share what we know.

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Product Design

Product Design

Sometimes, content and video aren’t enough. You want to give your prospective clients something to hold or to wear. That’s when you’ll need product design. You’ll need some help discerning what is useful, what is designed well, and oh yes, what is just plain cool. Let your merch express who you are and help your clients remember you.

Website Design & Development

Your website is often the first place your clients meet you so it has to be right, not only in content, but in style. It has to have appeal, but at the same time be easy to navigate and informative. You want the ‘Wow’ factor, and we deliver. We not only have the tools, but also the savvy to use them.

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Behind the scenes of video production or video shooting at studio location with film crew camera team.

YouTube Shows

A good Youtube show isn’t just a couple of minutes of fluff. A quality video is the right length, made in your unique brand and design, professionally filmed and finished, attention-grabbing, and properly promoted. Northgate knows how to do it all, with experience in launching successful Youtube channels from the ground up.


An illustration has a job. It conveys a meaning, an emotion, or an idea. It gets the right concept across at the right time. Northgate’s custom illustrations can relate your story visually, showcase your business personality, and add an original touch to all of your marketing materials.

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You have an exciting story to tell. It’s real and compelling, and you want to share it. Let us help you navigate the complex waters of documentary filmmaking: the planning, research, scripting, shooting, editing, and copyrighting. The world needs to know.


A commercial isn’t just an advertisement. It’s a story. Your story. It’s compelling and memorable. It captures the viewer from the first seconds it begins to roll. It’s targeted and authentic. And it’s not easy to make. It takes a team of bright, inventive artists and filmmakers. Luckily, we have them.

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Podcasts. They’re popping up like mushrooms. And they’re a great marketing tool, but only if they’re done well and generate enough SEO to get them noticed. We’ll help you refine your theme, sharpen your techniques, and find the right balance in relating to listeners. Podcasts are the next big thing. Let us help you ride the wave.

Email Campaigns

Email. Does anybody still pay attention? You bet they do, and it’s a great tool to build sales and generate leads. Let us help you build an effective list, understand the difference between promotions and newsletters, craft professional copy, and design your emails to be noticed.

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Not everybody is Ernest Hemingway or Emily Dickinson, and that’s okay. You know what you have to say. You just need a wordcrafter to help you say it. Northgate writers come to you with more than forty years of successful publishing experience. Let them help you find your voice.