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A first-rate business venture always starts with a dream. Northgate’s certainly did. In 2020, when David Tracy gathered together like-minded friends who had both talent and imagination matching their plan to offer a combination of first class ability and collaborative ethics unknown in the marketing business, the world noticed. Northgate began as though shot from a gun and hasn’t backed off since.

Diversity is a buzzword in today’s world, but at Northgate, it’s business as usual. Our team gathers an almost dizzying myriad of languages, cultures, and time zones, joined by a single desire to use our best to reveal yours.

David Tracy CEO Creative Director

David Tracy is an award-winning marketing and advertising strategist with a global perspective whose specialty is to curate effective, in-depth marketing campaigns that bridge international and cultural gaps. He is the Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for the American Marketing Association of Iowa and has traveled to over 40 countries, gathering a multi-cultural and multi-lingual team that push creative boundaries that fuse styles and perspectives. David is well equipped to dive deep into consumer psychology in order to understand why people from many backgrounds gravitate toward certain aesthetics, design, and marketing messages and translate that into effective brands and marketing strategies. As a result, he has attracted clients like Swiss investment brokers wanting to target clients throughout Latin America and businesses in Asia seeking to export and conduct business in North America. For clients in Des Moines, David’s multilayered approach has opened a welcomed broader perspective.

Proficiencies include: Branding, Website Design and Hosting, Procreate, English/Spanish Translation & Interpretation, Marketing Consulting & Strategy Development, Social Media Strategy, Email Marketing Strategy, Data Analytics, Script Writing, Storyboarding, Set Design, Interior Design, Artistic Asset and Talent Development, Corporate Event Management, and Crowdfunding/Fundraising.

Daniel JohnstonCOODirector of Video Production

Daniel’s multi-disciplinary creativity has its roots in an abiding obsession with digital puzzles. His creative journey started with songwriting and audio engineering and has moved into creative cinematographic capture and professional grade editing and production management. His credentials span everything from environmental projection to full scale camera event capture, from choral and symphonic orchestration, marketing strategy, and professional whistling. Daniel has always invested in storytelling sensibilities and grows his tool belt to better express his artistic eye. He uses Panasonic, Black Magic, DJI Drones and handhelds, Canon, and a host of other capture devices to do that. Daniel’s B.A. is in Liberal Arts and Music Composition from Belhaven University in Jackson Mississippi and he has worked for companies all over the United States in a myriad of marketing capacities while simultaneously running and operating his own boutique media house.

Proficiencies include: Logic Pro X, Sibelius, Protools (all the versions), Finale Music (all the versions), WAV’s, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premier, Davinci Resolve, After Effects, Motion (all the versions), Red Giant products, the Adobe suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Website Development and Hosting, Online Brand Strategy, Google Analytics and Google Property management, Cinematography, Photography, Database management, Video Design, Video Production, Storyboarding, Artistic Asset and Talent Development, Editing (in multiple languages), Deployment, Company Management and HR.

Rodrigo CisnerosWebsites, Graphic Design

Rodrigo demonstrates exceptional skill in website development, graphic design, video, photography, music, and voiceover. He’s bilingual, fluent in both spoken and written Spanish and English. With a BBA from Yucatan, Mexico, his multi-language work style allows him to create seamless consistency for clients from websites, logos and other graphic design elements. He specializes in vibrant, bold, and fluid web-design that pushes the boundaries of what a website can be and he thrives in making multiple pieces of media, both digital and print, work as a single cohesive brand message.

Proficiencies include: Project Management, E-commerce, Coding, Web Design, Adobe Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Audition, Lightroom, Acrobat; Final Cut Pro; Microsoft Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Google Suite, YouTube.

JoAnne PotterContent Writing

A Midwest native, JoAnne’s non-fiction freelancing career started shortly after college and has included more than 40 years of publication and hundreds of non-fiction clips starting with a 3-year stint as a columnist, then expanding into commercial periodicals, creative collections, digital journals, and digital news services. Along the way, she worked as VP of Sales and Marketing for a Chicago-area steel manufacturer and taught writing and journalism for ten years. Her most recent contributions outside of Northgate have been “Weeds”, published in the collection Crone Rising by Jazz House Publications and front page opinion columns in Media Milwaukee. She published her memoir, The Last Thread, in 2017. Within Northgate, JoAnne writes everything from social media posts to website copy, to blogs, in which she excels in finding client voices. Degreed in arts, enrolled in a Philosophy degree program, and trained in writing journalistic opinion and news literacy, she is proficient in Word, Blogger, and WordPress.

Joe OlsonGraphic Design

Joe Olson may be midwestern based, but he’s already used his talents in global initiatives. Trained at the Minneapolis Art Institute in motion graphics, digital effects, and digital filmmaking, he also studied photojournalism in Hawaii, then traveled internationally with the Kairos Magazine. He is an inventive graphic designer, producing digital art, logos and branding kits and a variety of graphic design projects.

Proficiencies Include: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premier Pro, Adobe Acrobat DC and Podcast Production.

Natasha MkarondaSocial Communications

Natasha brings proficiency in six languages: English, French, and four African dialects – Shone, isZulu, Sesotho, and isiXhosa. She earned her BA in Motion Picture arts and certificates in both journalism and learning development, which she has used as an administrator, organizer, writer, film editor, and spokesperson. Her experience in editing film for television, documentaries, and advertisements, paired with voiceover, narration, and digital capture work with the sense of beauty and rhythm of a practicing poet to bring a feeling of rare multidimensionality.

Proficiencies Include: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Microsoft Office, Adobe Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop, Constant Contact, Sprout Social, Stop Motion Studio, I Motion, and Canva.

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