We Are Northgate

A first-rate business venture always starts with a dream. Northgate’s certainly did. In 2020, when David Tracy and Philip Lin gathered together like-minded friends who had both talent and imagination matching their plan to offer a combination of first class ability and collaborative ethics unknown in the marketing business, the world noticed. Northgate began as though shot from a gun and hasn’t backed off since.

Diversity is a buzzword in today’s world, but at Northgate, it’s business as usual. Our team gathers an almost dizzying myriad of languages, cultures, and time zones, joined by a single desire to use our best to reveal yours.

David Tracy CEO, Founder

David Tracy is an award winning marketing and advertising strategist with a global perspective. He has traveled to more than forty countries in the course of working in international non-profits. His conviction is that one of the best ways to influence our world is through media, arts, and marketing. He brought his experience in event organization, design, branding, cultural anthropology and documentary film to unite some of the multi-talented people he’d come to know from all over the world with a client base that would bring new life to them all. David’s vision, and his commitment to make a difference, is the bedrock of Northgate.

Philip LinBiz Dev Asia, Co-Founder

Philip Lin was born and raised in Taiwan and graduated with a BA in finance. After traveling the world for ten years working with international non-profits, he found that many had marketing and branding needs. In response, he and his team organized media promotion projects for organizations in China, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries in Asia which included both digital marketing and printed magazine publications. Now helping Northgate grow their market in East Asia, he provides a world of opportunities for Northgate’s growth.

Ryan ReedCFO, Co-Founder

Ryan Reed has been part of Northgate since its inception. As CFO, he brings all of the business experience he’s gained as a CPA, a commercial accounting professional, and as Controller for Des Moines’ well known and respected Elder Corporation. Among an ever-growing team of creatives, he is Northgate’s cool head, keeping his finger on the pulse of local markets, and a steady hand on our day-to-day decisions.

Daniel JohnstonCMO, Video Production

Daniel Johnston pairs extraordinary enthusiasm and energy with a keen and inventive eye to showcase Northgate clients through video. A natural storyteller, Dan was a Nashville musician first who used his camera to promote his guitar but, in the process, found a calling. Now, his lens has become a way to examine and understand the world. A self-proclaimed Internal Culture Enthusiast, Dan has a gift for not only getting the best angle on his subject, but for revealing what lies below the surface. He’s found that the culture at Northgate has brought out his best work and we’re ready to bring it to the world.

Lily WangDirector of Photography

Lily Wang, born and raised in China, has been practicing photography for over ten years. With the passion to show beauty in its original form, she has traveled to over 25 countries to document nature, culture, and people. She has been the lead photographer for media projects in Asia, Europe, and America. With Northgate, she can now continue to help companies elevate their brands through her photography.

JoAnne PotterContent Writing

JoAnne Potter has lived in the American Midwest all of her life, but gained a world of experience. A business career spanning more than twenty years included both Accounting management and a Marketing Vice Presidency for a Chicago area steel manufacturer, while leaving her enough free time to race cars. After that, JoAnne taught Literature and Writing for ten years, but her own freelance writing career has spanned almost forty years. Her work has been seen in dozens of publications and her memoir, “The Last Thread”, was published in 2019. As Northgate’s Very Senior Content Writer and token hippie, she applies her experience to the new world of modern marketing.

Rodrigo CisnerosWebsites, Graphic Design

Rodrigo Cisneros was born and raised in Mexico, and carries a deep love for the Mexican people wherever he goes. After completing both his formal education and post-traditional schooling there, he and his new wife Lauren moved north to live in Milwaukee among the Latino community. Soon, however, they moved a bit South to Illinois and while Rodrigo worked as a marketing professional, he also authored Eden Meditaciones, a Spanish-speaker’s guide to Christian meditation. They still live in the Chicago area, from where Northgate immediately began to benefit from Rodrigo’s quietly enthusiastic efficiency and quick graphic imagination. 

Malena ToralSocial Media Targeting

Malena Toral, Northgate’s targeting specialist, is a bilingual Panamanian native with a special love for social media. She is in a unique position that allows her to both pursue her career and study at the same time, although her surfboard is never far away and spare moments often find her at the beach. While some firms manage targeting using automated bots, Malena makes sure that every contact she mines for her Northgate clients is a legitimate potential market for them. She’s looking as forward to growing with us as we are to growing with her.

Joe OlsonGraphic Design

Joe Olson started his graphic design career early, winning a design contest even before leaving high school. His formal training came from the International Art Institute of Minnesota, and he comes to Northgate from an early career in freelancing. A Minnesota native who now makes his home in Des Moines, he strikes a delicate balance between the fast-paced demands of modern internet marketing and a deep-rooted desire for self-sustenance. Overlaying it all, Joe has a desire to create in all avenues within his experience. “Design amplifies story,” he says, and now he’s helping Northgate tell ours.

Selansia CrawfordPhotography

Selansia Crawford, or Sisie as she likes to be called, is one of Northgate’s gifted photographers. Although her roots are in Indonesia, she makes her home with husband and growing family in Des Moines. Her photography career started with a friend’s wedding, led to a mentorship under a Time Magazine professional, and now flourishes with family and public events. Her position with Northgate gives her a chance to hone her craft in studio and other indoor lighting applications, with a special emphasis on fashion. For Sisie, it’s her way of pushing the envelope. For Northgate, it’s another way to add someone imaginative, proficient, local, and multicultural to our team. Perfect.

Atena JacksonGraphic Design

Atena Jackson is another of Northgate’s international artists. From her home in Mexico, she’s been providing graphic design and photography for local businesses for three years and has recently expanded her influence to international markets. Her focus on collaboration and trust make her a perfect fit for Northgate, as is her enthusiasm for our shared vision. Atena is only now coming into her own and we’re looking forward to her influence.

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