Image 4 Lives

Whether the charges against them are false or true, whether anyone is waiting for them or not, when it’s time to re-enter the outside world, inmates need to learn a new way if they are going to succeed outside of jail. They need a fresh frame of reference, one that helps them change the thought and action patterns that got them there in the first place.

That’s where we come in. Image 4 Lives founder Robert “Bobby” Pate, Jr. knows first hand exactly what’s needed for inmates to make a successful re-entry. Following the completion of his own prison sentence, his unique gifts as teacher, mentor, and even referee came into play to shed light on the aspects of rehabilitation neglected by other organizations. He knows what needs are already being addressed and which are being neglected so he positioned Image 4 Lives to fill the gaps.

Northgate got involved with Image 4 Lives by providing Logo & Branding Design and Web Design.

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