Video Production Services

If a picture is worth a thousand words, well, a video is worth a million. Commercials, YouTube, and short features; we’ve done them all, from concept to post-production, and our award winning production team delivers images people remember.

Our Work

We can cover all of your video production needs from pre-production, production and post-production. A commercial isn’t just an advertisement. It’s a story. Your story. It’s compelling and memorable. It captures the viewer from the first seconds it begins to roll. It’s targeted and authentic. And it’s not easy to make. It takes a team of bright, inventive artists and filmmakers.

YouTube Food Shows

Midnight Food Coma is a psychedelic YouTube series focused on Asian cuisine & vibrant eateries around the globe. It is produced by Northgate Marketing and Still Frame Storytelling. It features our CEO and Founder, David Tracy who in addition to marketing is also a certified chef.

Northgate produced, directed and edited a total of 22 baking episodes for Charli Ann’s Heavenly Cakes, a benevolent baking enterprise featuring a Texas teen baker of exceptional talent who wanted to expand her business by more than increasing the number of cakes she contracted. Our services also included implementing new branding, logo, and website as well as a robust social media presence.

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