Reemerging From A Shaken World | Cari Kenzie

The last few years have shaken the world. 2020 forward shifted our daily reality in ways that we can’t even fully comprehend. Society has shifted, mindsets have shifted, the way business is conducted has shifted. Yet, in the midst of all of this, both individuals and society can discover healing beyond coping mechanisms that bandaid the underlying issue; that of unhealed trauma. This is where Cari Kenzie steps in. 

Cari advocates for and shares her insights with women as a Quantum Healer, Life Mastery Coach and Speaker. She helps individuals navigate beyond drama, trauma and self-sabotage by curating a curiosity that invokes clarity to uncover endless opportunities. She is also the Founder & President of Ripples of Change Foundation. 

Her approach has helped thousands of people around the nation find healing for areas of trauma that they had been carrying for many years. There are hundreds of stories where individuals have found freedom from life-long patterns by simply finding, with Cari’s help, the one thread that needed pulling. The aftereffect in these women’s lives is that entire patterns of both self-destruction and victim cycles are broken.

Ripples of Change Foundation was created with the intention of forming a community at large of professionals in the coaching, wellness, consulting and other supporting arenas. These professionals rally together for a common goal: to help humanity find freedom and fullness of life. We also create the infrastructure for people who have undergone trauma to find community and support systems throughout our programs, networks and produced materials.

Join the Ripples of Change Foundation for a life-altering, live stage panel discussion event with 4 dynamic speakers who are seeking to disrupt societal chaos by asking and responding to the hard questions that grip our communities. Can society as a whole really heal? Is this a reality or a fantasy?

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