CelebrAsian: Jewels of Asia | Nu Huynh

Nu Huynh is the executive director of Iowa Asian Alliance or IAA. Nu first served on Iowa Asian Alliance (IAA) Board of Directors in 2012 and quickly transitioned to her current Executive Director role the following year. Prior to joining IAA full-time, Huynh spent over 15 years with the Principal. Her extensive work experience includes talent acquisition, community relations, diversity and inclusion initiatives, event planning, college relations, program development and strategic leadership.

Her mission with IAA is to unite Iowa’s diverse Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities with the purpose of fostering economic growth and community development within the state of Iowa. Huynh works with a dynamic team of 25+ volunteer leaders and over 400 general volunteers to put on one of Iowa’s largest cultural events, CelebrAsian, the annual Asian Heritage Festival, every May.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Public Relations from Iowa State University and is a 2009 graduate of the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute. Huynh believes “Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action. These actions shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud.” And most importantly, she is grateful for a career and team that fuels her passion and fills her soul.

IAA unites diverse Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities with the purpose of fostering economic growth and broader community development within the state of Iowa. 

In this episode we are talking about my favorite event of the year in Des Moines: CelebrAsian

Why pay for airfare when you can travel to Asia for free at CelebrAsian! Experience over a dozen Asian Villages where you can delight all five of your senses from the authentic asian food, educational activities, to live cultural entertainment! Each year the festival unites the different Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in Iowa. Since its inception, CelebrAsian has become one of the year’s most anticipated events. Don’t miss out on the largest Asian American event in Iowa, showcasing cultural exhibits, history, food, performance artists, sports, martial arts, and family-friendly activities. Who knew you can experience so many rich cultures of Asia without leaving Iowa! 

Join CelebrAsian May 26th-May 27th – 11AM-10PM in downtown Des Moines.


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